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Rent a vehicle

To rent a vehicle you need to fulfill a few conditions. HERE you can read Conditions and General Informations. For price calculation please click HERE.

Rent a chauffeur

Price calculation depends on a group of vehicle, a number of days needed for driving, destination, tolls etc. To get an quote, please write us on

Rent a GPS

GPS comes with detailed maps for all countries you will visit. It is on English and all other major world languages. Daily price goes from 82.50 KN to max. 600.00 KN for 30 days.

Rent a child seat

We offer infant seats (0-9 kg), baby seats (9-18 kg) and child seats (18-36 kg). All seats are regularly cleaned. Daily price goes from 50.00 KN to max. 400.00 KN for 30 days.

Car hire Split

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